Wholly Other News


the friday group one-sided LP ("who wants to look at a bunch of broken pottery when you can haul ass down the freeway") and the tom carter solo LP ("the dance from which all dances come") are finished!

i'm offering these at the merch table and to mail order customers first, so there will be plenty to go around, but please send me an email reminder if you've reserved in advance... i will ship paid orders when i get back from the road next week.

descriptions & tour dates follow....


FRIDAY GROUP- WHO WANTS TO LOOK AT A BUNCH OF BROKEN POTTERY WHEN YOU CAN HAUL ASS DOWN THE FREEWAY (wholly other 14, 1-sided LP edition of 214, 22$ postpaid in US, 26$ UK/EU/canada/mexico, 28$ asia and elsewhere)***
one sided LP of looped/ live collage action swirled up into mass gtr/ drum ritual terror. far darker than previous FG stuff.... blank LP side is a blood-red silkscreen. shipped in clear polyvinyl sleeves.

TOM CARTER- THE DANCE FROM WHICH ALL DANCES COME (wholly other 15, LP edition of 258, 22$ postpaid in US, 26$ UK/EU/canada/mexico, 28$ asia and elsewhere)***
Brand new 2009 recordings of galactic guitar ooze, laid down in NYC USA. hand silkscreened gold on matte black covers...

***ORDER BOTH and save on postage: 40$ US, 43$ UK/EU/canada/mexico, 45$ asia and elsewhere...


04 Apr. 09

Please note: the Zaika lathe editions are already sold out. Try the Archive link below.

as promised, the zaika cds are here (see below). production is starting on two new wholly other LP releases: a tom carter solo LP and a friday group one-sided LP (with art printed on the flip, in the fashion of the sarin smoke 12 inch, though on black vinyl). these will be extremely limited and not many are likely to make it to distributors, so be forewarned....

and if they're not up there now, northeast june tour dates will soon be posted for
tom carter/ shawn david mcmillen/ steve gunn.

Zaika- Big Jar (Archive CD)
a complete 30 minute set from 2007 at big jar books in philly, PA, fueled by good vibes and yuenglings. intertwining twin gtr tidewater, straight up the spinal column. stellar recording and packaging, as always, courtesy of slimm and archive. archive says: "Comes packaged in an oversized heavyweight half fold cover with two color letterpress print work and vellum printed photos inset in center die cut. Graphic works wonderfully executed by Demian Johnston."

Zaika- Big Jar (Archive CD + lathe 7")
same as above, but with vinyl-fetishist lathe single featuring excerpts from the CD, and a wider, bigger package. PLEASE NOTE that this contains no extra music. also note that the covers are expected next week, so there will be a slight delay shipping these.


04 Nov. 08

New release!

TOM CARTER / BARN OWL- split LP (Blackest Rainbow)
$20.00 postpaid USA, $27.00 UK/ europe/ canada/ south & central america, $29.00 asia and elsewhere

label description- "Newest Blackest Rainbow hot on the heels of some truly killer releases from the artists involved, both who seem to have really pushed there sounds and vibes to new levels this year... Barn Owl's side has been mastered by local jammer Ben Nash, and its three tracks of sparse drone layered with bleak guitar epic-ness, tingling chimes and dark mountainous whispers. The guitars here sound delicate and beautiful, but it remains bleak and empty, if you enjoyed their LP on Not Not Fun then this is a real treat. Tom Carter's 16 minute 'Train Kept' follows pretty damn nicely from his recent 'Shots At Infinity' releases on Important, a far cry from his more psychedelic folk experimentations, here he slashes and riffs like many a legend, and maybe, just maybe, it's a slight tribute to a certain band too? This is a fully wild piece of work. Black sleeves, pasted stark landscape cover, with a insert of liner notes. Limited to 380 copies." - BRR. Tom says- "Yardbirds."

08 Sept. 08

12$ postpaid US, 15$ UK/Europe/Central & South America, 17$ asia and elsewhere

A rare document of a brief arc in Charalambides' 17 year (and counting) trajectory, somewhere between the extreme spatial attenuation of the long gone Crucial Blast CDR Being As Is and the gentle intergalactic trio sway of the kranky disk Unknown Spin- and quite distance from both the exclamatory exhalations of Joy Shapes and the layered songcraft of Likeness.

These are spartan duets of formalistic near-symmetry, a reminder that there was a time when Charalambides swung as close to the axis of Incus and FMP as to that of Takoma and ESP. Christina (voice) and Tom Carter (guitar) improvise non-textual melodic lines around an locus of mirror clarity, occasionally overlapping various strands using two DAT machines and a mixing board, in a nod to the pre ProTools digital scrap heap.

Originally issued as a Peter King lathe cut LP on Eclipse Records in an edition of 100 in 2000, the reissue of this extreme rarity is remastered from a superior source for maximum clarity. Inkblot artwork courtesy of Heather Leigh Murray. The whole package is dedicated to Bruce Connor (R.I.P.). The reissue at hand is an edition of 500, with fold-over printed sleeves in the style of Electricity Ghosts.

TOM CARTER- After Lunch, Only Devils CDR (wholly other)
12$ postpaid US, 15$ UK/Europe/Central & South America, 17$ asia and elsewhere

relentlessly looped fuzz wah spun into muzzy knots around dazed spectators' heads, crumbling into fragmenting crumbs of varying bit depth. presented in two longish improv settings (recorded during a residency in louvain-la-neuve belgium by daniel duchamp, in paul labrecque's basement), and one short blast recorded before a very zoned audience in berlin by steve gunn, laid down during the massively psyched out GHQ/ tom carter tour in europe, spring 2008. edition of 100, gatefold silkscreen covers.

TOM CARTER- SHOTS AT INFINITY 1 (CD) (important records)
12$ postpaid US, 15$ UK/Europe/Central & South America, 17$ asia and elsewhere

PLEASE NOTE that the LP and CD issues of this are two totally different records with totally different music. Heavy psych long-form blowout, representative of recent live motion. From the imp. rec. catalog- "Shots At Infinity 1(the CD) is comprised of recordings from various basements in the northeastern USA from late 2007. Steering away from the more delicate string environments and modal folk improvisations of previous CDs, the disk features maximum loop delay drone overload stretched over long, densely harmonic tracks, retaining the melodic content and flow of earlier releases."

TOM CARTER- SHOTS AT INFINITY 2 (LP) (important records)
15$ media mail postpaid US, 22$ UK/Europe/Central & South America, 24$ asia and elsewhere

PLEASE NOTE that the LP and CD issues of this are two totally different records with totally different music. Same mode as above, this one is two live shots from the same time period from the Burnt Hills and Time-Lag basement and loft headquarters. Definitely the more shredded and fried of the two releases. i have a few copies on green vinyl for early orders....

31 July 08

the No More Bush! tour is practically underway. heavy other artist zaika will be playing (including trio gigs w/ paul flaherty and loren connors). get info here.

24 June 08

hey everybody,

first, go here for zaika gigs in austin and houston.

sorry for the long silence. it's been an eventful and exhausting spring, but i'm back in texas (and the heat) at last and unpacking boxes. as a result i'm realizing that i have too much stuff. SO... i'm cutting prices on a bunch of stuff- the changes will be reflected on the website soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

also below are a couple of releases that have been out a while but i'm just getting around to listing... like a new duo collab with christian kiefer, and the badgerlore 'we are all hopeful farmers, we are all scared rabbits' cd.

no gig news to report at the moment, but there will soon be a bunch of WO activity.... details soon. also in the pipeline are a tom carter CD and LP on important, finally documenting (within the 'studio') the loop/drone destruction showcased on the GHQ/TC tour in march. who knows what's next.

lastly, christina's label many breaths has a beautiful new website with lots of content:

on to the update....


Badgerlore- We Are All Hopeful Farmers, We Are All Scared Rabbits (Xeric CD)
expanded lineup of rob fisk, ben chasny, tom carter, pete swanson, glenn donaldson, liz harris, and a handful of backing singers (swedish and otherwise). urban american string music that drifts in the window like smoke (whether a kif haze or fog wisping down the coastal ranges is open to interpretation), ensemble vocals that bubble like red wine on the lips, blaring electronics blasting by like the #57 bus. long delayed CD copies on table of the elements side label xeric.
13$ postpaid in US, 15$ europe, 17$ asia and elsewhere

Tom Carter/ Christian Keifer- From the American Songbook (Preservation CD)
wild improv takes on these chestnuts, sometimes barely resembling the source. liner notes presented as a deck of 8 printed cards with musings on each piece by byron coley, tony conrad, tetuzi akiyama, james toth, sharon krauss, sean smith, glenn jones, & tim rutili. from the preservation website: "This second collaborative work from the pair is an expansive and ambitious recasting of American music now in the public domain. The influence of the songs collected here is long and widespread for their style and lyricism, forging a rich tradition and ever evolving history. With their interpretations, Carter and Kiefer have taken the songs that have seeped into their souls and extended upon them in such a way that brings something entirely new to their original ideas. It's something that's entirely theirs in spite of such source material, and with that, From The Great American Songbook brilliantly reveals a true hallmark of American music invention."
13$ postpaid in US, 15$ europe, 17$ asia and elsewhere

Christina Carter- Texas Blues Working (Blackest Rainbow CS)
please note this was issued w/ the incorrect title of Texas Working Blues (i've corrected it above). way, way, out of print, and only a few copies of this original issue left. from volcanic tongue site: "Stunning new limited edition cassette album from Christina Carter, in a run of only 200 hand-numbered copies, with liners from Christina, full colour covers and pro-printed tapes. It feels like we have been pretty much constantly drooling over new Christina releases of late but she seems to be in the middle of one of the most creatively-accelerated phases of her career right now and Texas Working Blues is yet another monster in a dazzling run of blats. This one matches choirs of overdubbed voice soaked in a ton of mystery and F/X over electric guitar shapes that move from knotty, almost Jandekian chord puzzles through lucid single-note heartbreak that feels closest to Loren Mazzacane's amazing form circa Hells Kitchen Park or Keiji Haino's recent midnight loop work. But it's the vocals that really grab you by the back of the neck, with supernaturally mournful wordless cries echoing through deep space and lucid sunbursts of west coast-style psychedelic oblivion (something of Jefferson Airplane circa After Bathing At Baxters/Volunteers) carved into some of the most emotionally barren and personally spooked song forms. Haunting and unforgettable, another masterpiece from Christina."
12$ postpaid in US, 14$ europe, 16$ asia and elsewhere

Christina Carter/ Pocahaunted (Not Not Fun split LP)
from NNF site: "Been beautifully blissed on this pairing for months now and we're amped it's finally public unveiling time. Christina Carter has trekked around this country (and planet) countless times in the past decade plus, both by herself and with Tom Carter in Charalambides, and the constant gypsy-drifting has weathered her song-stories down into spare, spiral reflections on life, death, and afterlife. Here she lays down four perfect vignettes of acoustic guitar pattern, softly sung desperation, and dangerous intimacy. A beatific bring-down. Sisters-with-voices Pocahaunted handle the B side wax, and their two tracks span the psych-ward spectrum from doomy warpath exile ("Sweat Lodge") to octave-climbing estrogen ecstasy cloud-tripping ("Silk Fog Traveler"). Both were recorded by Bobb Bruno at Eagle Rock HQ across summer '07 and cling like cotton to the memory banks." this was issued in a combination of peach and black vinyl, not sure which these are, so take yr chances....
13$ postpaid in US, 19$ europe, 23$ asia and elsewhere

Tom Carter- Skyline Grinder (three lobed CD) 9$
steel string rivulets funneled into a narrow tonal canyon, with wrecked soloing slammed on top. similar in mode to recent live gigs, only replacing the 16 second delay with a vox jaguar, lapsteel, and ebow. not available for sale except from me (and whoever else i sell it to)....
9$ postpaid in US, 11$ europe, 13$ asia and elsewhere

The Bastard Wing- Crystal Thicket (free porcupine society CD)
'band' project of andrew macgregor (gown) and christina carter. basically songs by christina, embellishments by andrew. christina, re: gown/carter collabs, from her website: "Two electric guitars, two vocals, two mindsets, blending temporarily into one strange territory."
8$ postpaid in US, 10$ europe, 12$ asia and elsewhere

Primordial Undermind- Beings of Game PU (camera obscura CD)
sole document (almost) of my brief tenure in primordial undermind, free improvised heavy rock/ prog w/ viola, drums, bass, gtr, electronics, etc.....
8$ postpaid in US, 10$ europe, 12$ asia and elsewhere


Charalambides- Rose/ Thorn (Klang! LP)
long awaited klang debut of charalambides. this record has been brewing since 2000, and is now finally available under the auspices of eclipse/ klang. two side long improvisations in much the same vein as IN CR EA SE, a bit more topographical perhaps, but still horizontally serene and horizonless. chord organ, lap steel, vocals.
20$ postpaid in US, 26$ europe/UK, 28$ asia and elsewhere

winter/spring 2008

hi everyone,

greetings from belgium. residency shows here at the farm in louvain-la-neuve have been a great success. all of my solo dates (most with GHQ) in europe are posted below, along with charalambides central/ eastern european dates (still tentative, but venue info is forthcoming):


also on the plate, two new releases on vinyl. since i'm still overseas please direct all paypal payments and inquiries re: availability, postage, etc. to christina carter at flowerparade(AT)hotmail.com. thanks!

CHARALAMBIDES: ROSE/THORN (klang industries/ eclipse LP)
long awaited klang debut of charalambides. this record has been brewing since 2000, and is now finally available under the auspices of eclipse/ klang. two side long improvisations in much the same vein as IN CR EA SE, a bit more topographical perhaps, but still horizontally serene and horizonless. chord organ, lap steel, vocals.
20$ shipping postpaid in US, 26$ europe/UK, 28$ asia and elsewhere

CHARALAMBIDES/ POCAHAUNTED (not not fun split 7")
charalambides side is an extra pristine hi fi slice of harmolodic vox/gtr layering recorded live in basque country in 2007. i've been on the farm so i haven't heard the p.haunted side, but based on live evidence it's got to be great. this is part of the bored fortress split 7" series and single copies are only available from us.
7$ postpaid in US, 12$ europe/ UK, 14$ asia and elsewhere

COMBINE POSTAGE and order both for 25$ US, 28$ europe/ UK, 30$ asia and elsewhere.

3 Jan. 2008

happy new year!
not much to report in the way of wholly other info, once again, as i'm still awaiting some new releases. sit tight.
a few january shows, however.... (linking fliers as some of you don't dig attachments).

ZAIKA in brooklyn

04 Jan 2008: Zaika (w/ brief Carter/Zaimph sets embedded), Steve Gunn + Marc Orleans at The Place, 269 Norman, Brooklyn NY

05 Jan 2008: Enos Slaughter, Theo Angell, Zaika + Steve Gunn, Skaters, Time/Life, Wetfur at 265 McKibben, Brooklyn NY, 8 PM

TOM CARTER solo west coast dates with David Daniell

09 Jan 2008: David Daniell, Tom Carter, Donovan Quinn, Barn Owl at Cafe DuNord, 2170 Market St., SF CA

10 Jan 2008: David Daniell, Tom Carter, Gregg Kowalsky, Chen Santa Maria, Ava Mendoza at 21 Grand, 416 25th St, Oakland CA
-better write for info first, 21 Grand is feeling the Oakland Heat. Check it out and give them a hand however you can: here.

11 Jan 2008: David Daniell, Tom Carter at Javalounge, 2416 16th st., Sacramento CA

12 Jan 2008: Jandek (backed by Tom Carter (bass) and Ches Smith (drums)) at Swedish American Hall, 2174 Market St., SF CA

all for now!

4 Dec. 2007

thanks again to everyone that came out to see us on this last tour. quite a marathon but good music all around. here are some nice photos of the somerville show:

not a lot to report again this month... still waiting on the three lobed solo cd and the klang charalambides LP, which will hopefully land in time for the next update. i will have some copies of my solo cdr on digitalis for the arroyo series available at upcoming gigs, but i'm holding off on mail order for those right now. same story for the tom carter/ shawn mcmillen duo cassette on blackest rainbow (actually those are pretty much gone on my end).

likeness, the latest charalambides CD, is now available from kranky (www.kranky.net).

here are a few stray texas gigs for those interested. i will have info on solo dates in SF, oakland, and sacramento (and also info on my SF performance with jandek) with the next update....

9 Dec 2007: Tom Carter/ David Dove & Jawwaad Taylor/ Eat Grapes 9 PM @ Notsuoh, 314 Main St., Houston TX
--flyer below.

16 Dec 2007: The Mirrors/ The Mike Gunn/ Linus Pauling Quartet/ Hearts of Animals/ The Freed/ Sew What 7 PM @ Rudyard's, 2010 Waugh Dr., Houston TX
--check out the reunion of my big dumb rock band, the mike gunn. how this happened is a mystery.

22 Dec 2007: Tom Carter solo + ???? at the Cameron's house party, email for info

23 Dec 2007: The Friday Group/ Jerry Seinfeld's Atrophied Saq, Doug Ferguson, Nick Hennies, The Noisettes, Clear Spot 8 PM @ Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd., Austin TX
--presented by Church of the Friendly Ghost.

9 Dec. 2007 Notsuoh

13 Sept. 2007

no release news (for once), but a bunch of US shows. here they are:

...and if you're in the western mass area, check out the matt valentine/ erika elder & the golden road show tomorrow night at hampshire college.... featuring the rhythm section of tom carter (bass) & j mascis (drums).

more soon!

18 Oct 07
with Venison Whirled/ Jonathan Horne/ Douglas Ferguson, at the Big Jar, 55 North 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA
19 Oct 07 with Fursaxa, at 425 Gun Club Rd., Kutztown, PA
20 Oct 07 Zaika + Steve Gunn with Yomulyuk, Blake Hargreaves, special guests TBA, The Place (?), Brooklyn NY

Tom Carter
25 Oct 07
with Visitations, 8:00 PM at Time-Lag Records & the Iele Tree, 578 Congress (2nd Floor), Portland, ME
26 Oct 07 with Kurt Weisman (Feathers) and Ruth Garbus, 8:30 PM at Firehouse Gallery, 149 Church St., Burlington VT
27 Oct 07 with Burnt Hills, Wovoka, and Century Plants, at 96 Sycamore St., Albany, NY

with Thurston Moore
24 Oct 07 Neumos, Seattle, WA
25 Oct 07 Doug Fir, Portland, OR
26 Oct 07 Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
29 Oct 07 Great American Music Hall, SF, CA
30 Oct 07 Echoplex, LA CA

with Alasdair Roberts (all dates) and Heather Leigh Murray (solo) (Oct 2-9)
02 Nov 07 Nave Gallery, Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church, 155 Powderhouse Rd., Somerville, MA
03 Nov 07 with Black Forest/ Black Sea, at Firehouse 13 Gallery, 41 Central St., Providence RI
04 Nov 07 World Cafe Live (upstairs), 3025 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA
05 Nov 07 Death by Audio, 49 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY
06 Nov 07 Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW, Washington DC
07 Nov 07 MOCA Cleveland, 8501 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland OH
08 Nov 07 Dogtown, 1026 Manchester St., Lexington KY
09 Nov 07 with Alela Diane, at AV-aerie, 2000 W. Fulton, Chicago IL
10 Nov 07 with TBA at Turf Club, 1601 University Ave. W., St. Paul MN
12 Nov 07 Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver CO
13 Nov 07 with Kid Madusa, at Urban Lounge, 241 S. 500 E., Salt Lake City, UT
15 Nov 07 with TBA at Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle WA
16 Nov 07 venue TBA, Vancouver, BC
17 Nov 07 the Great Room at the Surf Lodge, 885 Berry Point Rd., Gabriola Island, BC
19 Nov 07 Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th Ave., Portland OR
20 Nov 07 TBA, Arcata CA
21 Nov 07 with Helene Renaut at the Hemlock Tavern, 1131 Polk St., San Francisco CA
23 Nov 07 with White Out at Spaceland, 1717 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles CA
24 Nov 07 TBA, Tucson or Phoenix AZ
26 Nov 07 the Mohawk, 912 Red River, Austin TX
27 Nov 07 the Orange Show, 2402 Munger St., Houston TX
28 Nov 07 with Frank Gratkowski at Hi Ho Lounge, 2239 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans LA
29 Nov 07 EARL, 488 Flat Shoals Ave. SE, Atlanta GA
30 Nov 07 the Pilot Light, 106 E. Jackson Ave., Knoxville TN
01 Dec 07 Publico Arts, 1308 Clay St., Cincinnati, OH

the sarin smoke 12" and c. carter electrice LP on wholly other are sold out! but-

i now (however) have copies of the sarin smoke smokescreen LP on three lobed records, including a 15 minute bonus live CD... description below. please get in touch asap if you were having me hold one of the 12"s until this came in.

a few gigs follow too. still no info on the charalambides november US tour but watch the website....


17 Sept.: Dream Triangle (Jan Anderzen and Spencer Clark duo) w/ Tom Carter/Christian Kiefer, Eye Myths, Falouah @1915 22nd St. (22nd & S), Sacramento CA

19 Sept.: Samara Lubelski w/ Tom Carter/Christian Kiefer & Barn Owl @21 grand, 416 25th St. (25th & Broadway), Oakland CA

NEW RELEASE: Sarin Smoke: Smokescreen (three lobed records, LP+bonus live CD) from the same sessions that produced the wholly other 12", this one piles heaps of modal yearning on top of the already substantial blurry haze of the earlier disk. more beautiful art by liz harris, this time on a beautiful 2 panel foldover letter press sleeve. bonus CD is a short set from sacramento in 2005 (i think). another classy three lobed production, numbered pressing of 657.
15$ postpaid (media mail, add 3$ for priority)

please order quick if you want this! i leave town in two weeks....

28 August 2007

a bit of an early update this time, to squeeze in notice about a late august tom c. solo gig.... and to get the last of these wholly other releases out into the world before i hit the road.

a note- the sarin smoke one sided LP listed below will be followed shortly by a full length companion LP (with bonus CD) on three lobed. i will send a brief update later this month when it is ready. let me know if you want to wait on purchasing the one-sider until the 3 lobed release comes, and thus combine postage....

charalambides tour dates for november are still unconfirmed but will be posted soon. i will also soon be posting dates for christina carter and scorces (!), both with thurston moore for some/all of the dates....

30 Aug. 2007: Tom Carter/ Meridians/ 3 Leafs/ Jessica Pratt at Hotel Utah, 4th and Bryant, SF
REALLY my last SF solo gig till January.

30 Aug 2007 Hotel Utah

12 Sept. 2007: Ad Hawk at the Hemlock, Post and Polk, SF
Doug Pearson's famed revolving door Hawkwind tribute. I'm playing guitar. early show, not to be confused with the Bob Log show later this same night.

17 Sept. 2007: Samara Lubelski/ Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer at a house party in Sacramento.
email me for info on this one as I don't have it yet. update mid month (I hope).

19 Sept. 2007: Samara Lubelski/ Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer at 21 Grand, 416 25th St., Oakland CA
not likely this duo will be playing super often so catch it while you can.

Sarin Smoke- It Chars Our Lips Yet Still We Drink one sided art LP (wholly other) The second ever Wholly Other vinyl outing is a duo of Peter Swanson (D. Yellow Swans) and Tom Carter (Charalambides etcetera). Despite the noisy pedigree of Mr. Swanson, and the latter day scrape of TC's Horton collaborations, this is a deceptively serene collection of electric guitar trance-outs, gently building to a spiders-down-the shirt climax full of hiss and slithering menace. Eye-popping silkscreened crypto mandala art by Liz Harris (Grouper) on the blank side, on clear vinyl so you can stare while it spins (and you'll want to)... packaged in a heavy clear sleeve. edition of 308.

Tom Carter/ Robert Horton- Monsters of Felt CD (Preservatiits of info first-

the sarin smoke one sided 12 inch ran into some printing issues, so that is postponed until the september update. it will be worth the wait... liz harris' art is drop dead amazing. (should have the sarin smoke 3 lobed LP in by then as well)!

most importantly- wholly other will soon be pulling up stakes and leaving california. i've had a blast being here but it's time to move on. i'll be hitting the road for a while and don't know where i'll settle yet, but label operations will continue as usual, via our friends at twilight flight sound in austin TX. i will post a new wholly other address here and on wholly-other.com as soon as plans are finalized.

on that note, there will be a big charalambides US tour in november. a couple of surprises are in the works for this one that will be disclosed in the next update. after that, we're looking at another charalambides european tour in the spring of 08... again, a lot more is pending that will become clear as everything finalizes. stay tuned.

on to the releases and gigs:

as always, please write for availability and non-USA postage rates, and please make checks to tom carter. paypal is artercay-at-gmail.com. thanks for looking!

CHRISTINA CARTER- Electrice LP (wholly other) Long anticipated licensed vinyl reissue of Christina Carter's most recent kranky CD release, with beautifully hand-painted, signed, and numbered covers. An experiment in palette limitation, using only the barest match-sticks of form and lyrics, Christina constructs a shimmering puzzle of austere beauty. Edition of 500, almost gone already. "Subterranean song writing ... eliminating excess elements ... more cinematic or sculptural, feeling of being a human body... piano-like guitar... two personal songs, two universal songs ... idealization and memory... songs created instantly, not knowing what i was going to sing about until i sang... inspired by 60's album art and band photos of floating heads, slight physical 'defects' and skeletal uncoordination, anachronistic futurisms, the idea of 'drone' (4 different songs from the same basic musical elements), dance choreography, and living with chronic pain..."- Christina Carter, from the kranky website

TOM CARTER/ CHRISTIAN KIEFER- A Rather Solemn Promise CD (great pop supplement) Another T. Carter duo creeps down the pipeline. This time it's with Christian Kiefer, who some of you may recognize from his Tompkins Square CD with Sharon Krauss a couple of years back. This is an all-improvised set of threadbare-loose, (mostly) electrified folk blues- and it's almost normal enough to sneak onto the iPod of your average goateed tea sipper, but there's enough dense high-end steel rail shimmer to send the timid packing. Rambling, dusted, and deeply psyched out, sort of like The Hired Hand re-imagined by the Crosby-led Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra (c. 1969). Covers designed, rendered, and hand-screened by Rob Fisk of Free Porcupine Society. Numbered edition of 500, from the label folks responsible for the now-defunct Earworm Records.

TURNSTONE- s/t CD (three lobed records) A trio of Tom Carter, Robert Horton, and Michael Shannon- whom you might know from the Animist Orchestra, his solo LP on Anomalous, or his Jyrk- documented tenure with Horton in Plateau (Bay Area just-intonation drone marauders, c.1985-1988). Of all the Horton- related projects dropping recently, this is perhaps my favorite, and by far the most inward-gazing. Big tectonic heaps of electricity strata drifting atop Horton's molten sound river, with lap steel, dilruba, and bodhran colliding to produce razorback-jagged alpine highs, and looped percussive passages spraying shrapnel as haphazardly as a cave full of exploding snare drums. All the same, this disk is weirdly congruent with the near-eastern desert blues drift of the above mentioned Carter/ Kiefer disk. First of a series of T.C. related projects on Three Lobed... More soon! Numbered edition of 650, Stumptown Press Arigato-pack heavy cardstock sleeves with pasted on photo.


first news in a while here, and there are a few things of note this time. there are two new wholly other releases, one CD, one CDR, and a bunch of charalambides european/ east coast US & canada tour dates.

our next update will be in june, when i should have definite release dates for the vinyl reissue of christina carter's 'electrice', and the one sided art screened LP by sarin smoke (tom carter+pete swanson of d yellow swans). both are in the test pressing stage as we speak. the pipeline should be dumping the tom carter/christian kiefer CD by then, as well as some new carter/ horton related stuff, so stay tuned!

first, the releases... these will be available on the upcoming tour, but feel free to order now. checks/ money orders payable to Tom Carter, please, or paypal to artercay@gmail.com....

CHARALAMBIDES- ELECTRICITY GHOST CD (wholly other #12)- an actual manufactured CD this time, with a real catalog number (first since 2000)! These are trio recordings (featuring Heather Leigh Murray on vox/ pedal steel/ psaltry) and date from the same sessions that produced Joy Shapes. Completely improvised, and similar in feel & instrumentation to 'Natural Light' from Joy Shapes, these five pieces snake out of a gently detailed terrain of interlocking thought forms, eventually weaving themselves into towering thickets of monolithic spikes. Some of the most emotionally charged and harsh Charalambides sounds ever laid down, before or since, and unlikely to be repeated in the same way ever again. edition of 300, xeroxed cardstock sleeves w/ color insert. 12$ postpaid in US, 14$ elsewhere.

TOM CARTER- WHISPERS TOWARD INFINITY CDR (wholly other 2007:2)- Four live (mostly) improvised guitar & lap steel pieces, captured just before the delay pedals snuck back into the line signal. Shimmering modal folk/blues/raga frameworks collapsing under the weight of myriad microsounds, ebows, & slides and reforming into quietly pulsing soundscapes. A summation of all the solo fretwork motion up to the point ker Mulheim
05 26 Antwerpen, Belgium - Rotkot
05 27 Hasselt, Belgium - Kunstencentrum Belgie w/ Primordial Undermind, Dream Triangle (Skaters+Jan Anderzen)
05 29 Bolzano, Italy - Bunker
05 30 Geneva, Switzerland - Cave 12
05 31 Marseilles, France - TBA

CANADA 06 06 Montreal, Quebec ( solo sets) Casa del Popolo festival
06 07 Montreal, Quebec, Casa del Popolo festival
06 08 Toronto, Ontario - TBA

USA (northeast) w/ GHQ
06 09 Buffalo, NY - Soundlab
06 10 New Haven, CT - Sundazed
06 12 Brooklyn, NY - Lutheran Church of the Messiah
06 13 NYC, NY - The Cake Shop
06 14 Montagu, MA - Book Mill
06 15 Providence, RI - AS 220
06 16 Burlington, VT TBA
06 17 Portsmouth, NH - The Red Door

September/ October US tour dates coming soon- expect us everywhere!

all for now, stay in touch....


amazingly, no new releases this time! i am back from NYC and had an amazing time at the table of the elements festival... got to see the new badgerlore cd on xeric and it looks great, should be out in april or thereabouts. until then....

i still have a dozen or so copies of the badgerlore 3 inch cdr packaged in the hand sewn 'book of dirt' by rob fisk. if anyone is interested please contact me asap, i will post them to the site soon.

the february tour with MVEE is finalized and dates are posted here. (i've also copied them below). if you're on the west coast please come check us out...

wholly other will be branching out into the gnarly world of vinyl production this year... first up is a one sided silkscreened LP by myself and the yellow swans' pete swanson, as yet untitled. after that there will be a vinyl edition of christina's electrice, along with LPs by friday group and zaika, so stay tuned.

i will be posting south by southwest dates and midwest dates in the next couple of weeks. south by southwest will be monstrous this year, with performances by charalambides at the ecstatic peace showcase (also including sunburned, the markers, MVEE, etc etc), and a special showcase with the tom & christina carter/thurston moore trio, along with performances by tetuzi akiyama, peter walker, warmer milks (w/ shawn mcmillen), and ian wadley. there is also a 'secret' performance i am involved with that i will divulge details of shortly. should be massive.

lastly, south by southwest will be followed by a gallery show in san antonio featuring performances by charalambides and shawn mcmillen, along with a showing of artwork and photographs by christina, shawn, and myself.

here are the west coast tour dates:


2.13.07 with The Fletcher Memorial and Tent City at Modified Arts, 407 E. Roosevelt, Phoenix AZ
2.14.07 with MVEE, Veer Right Young Pastor, and Pocahaunted at the Smell, 247 S. Main St., LA CA
2.15.07 with Climax Golden Twins and Factums at the Fool's Foundation, Sacramento CA
2.16.07 with MVEE and Charlie Nothing, at the Hotel Utah, 500 4th St., SF CA
2.17.07 with MVEE at the Attic, 931 Pacific, Santa Cruz CA
2.18.07 with MVEE and Starving Weirdos at the Accident, 210 C St., Eureka CA
2.20.07 with MVEE at Reed College Chapel, 3203 SE Woodstock, Portland OR
2.21.07 with MVEE and Climax Golden Twins at Gallery 1412, 1412 18th Ave E, Seattle WA
2.23.07 with Flying Canyon and Oaxacan at 21 Grand, 416 25th St., Oakland CA


back from ATP and fighting off its attendant viruses. new update (along with some badgerlore show dates) coming soon, until then some stuff has been added to the catalog, and i have added our tour dates with MV/EE to the upcoming performances page.


just back from our midwest/ east coast tour, thanks to everyone who came out and who helped out with the gigs.... we had a blast as always, despite about 6000 miles of driving and a lot of rain. lots to catch up on here so i'll cut to the chase....

NEW RELEASES (10$ ppd US, write for overseas shipping info)

TOM CARTER/ INCA ORE 'RAINBOW TROUT' CDR (wholly other)- eva (inca ore) is a noted abyss whisperer and lung purger whose vox exertions have added a great deal of chokehold potential to JOMF in addition to a slew of other collaborations, most notably yellow swans. her new cd on 5rc is a heart-punching freedom grab that has folks across the globe falling bewildered onto either side of their self-drawn boundaries. this collab with tom partakes of some of the nursery rhyme fragility of her jyrk/weird forest debut, w/out fearing the blown open furnace door (nor the white heat inside. nor the wah pedal). 43 minutes, 150 copies, spraypaint stencilled by eva w/ an image of a popular medicinal plant of the western hemisphere.

FRIDAY GROUP 'CRYSTAL EUNUCH REVERSAL' CDR (wholly other/ twilight flight sound)- 3 chunks from the 2005 friday group west coast tour from the unashamed masters of the stoned moan (tom carter, shawn mcmillen, matt martinez, brian smith). slow motion ethno blues drawl that piles up into balls of tentacled fury, with the occasional blast of blistering fuzz thrown in. far, far away from the tranquility of the beta-lactam debut LP (still available)! handpainted/ drawn/ xeroxed covers by shawn, edition of 150 copies.

CHARALAMBIDES 'STRANGLE THE WRETCHED HEAVENS' CDR (wholly other)- final chapter of the archival series begun with 'glowing raw' and 'emerald message', this time consisting of trio recordings with jason bill from 94-96. at the time we were working on our big blown out rock 'statement' for siltbreeze. our reasons for abandoning this LP are fuzzy to me now, as this is as big and gnarly as anything we've cooked up since. lots of open throated vox wail and acid guitar shredding, w/ some market square-ish minor key motion thrown in as well. a couple of these songs crept onto the setlists of our recent US tour. edition of 250, covers handpainted by christina, somewhat informative notes by me. note: this is the CDR that we were selling on tour (and had sold out of by the time we hit oklahoma).

TOM CARTER/ ROBERT HORTON 'STEEL JAGUAR FOR ROCKET' CD (digitalis)- from the digitalis catalog: "Charalambides' Tom Carter and Robert Horton have become close collaborators over the past few years, appearing in a handful of projects together from Kyrgyz (w/ Jewelled Antler-ites Loren Chasse and Christine Boepple) to Mudsuckers (w/ D. Yellow Swans). But when they are stripped back to a duo, the sonic onslaught is just as dense and impressive. "Steeljaguar Rocket" is the second album, following-up "Lunar Eclipse" on Important Records. Horton again acts as the puppetmaster, pulling the strings to move each sound into its right place. Expansive improvisations and full-on psychedelic freakouts intermingle, creating a cosmic web of enchanted debris. Fiddler extraordinaire Hal Hughes adds exponentially to the dynamics at work with his marvellous playing on the title track. The strained violin notes whisk the listener away to the dirt-soaked alleys of Damascus. It's a hypnotic journey through jewel-encrusted foreign lands, like a solo flight to sun. Everything is not peaceful on "Steeljaguar Rocket," however. Digging further into the cataclysm finds Carter & Horton turning up the volume knobs and cranking out wailing solos on top of a bed of heavy drones and cacaphonic drums. Like Horton's Future Ears project, it's equal parts noise, free jazz, and fractured folk bliss. There is no stone unturned on "Steeljaguar Rocket," and just as it feels as though it will collapse in on itself, Carter & Horton bring everything back down to earth, ready to begin again."

here's a link to a nice french video performance/ interview, shot on our european tour of fall '05.

all for now, coming soon is a friday group cassette on slooow tapes, tom's lengthily gestated free blues collab with christian kiefer, and the similarly tardy LP 'what is here for' with vanessa arn. also in the works is a west coast tour with matt valentine/ erica elder, and a badgerlore performance in NYC, among other stuff...


some new releases to update this time. first however a few scraps of news:

-zaika will be playing a few dates in california and one in portland. info can be retrieved at www.wholly-other.com/tour.html.

-also on the gigs page is a link to the arthur nights festival in october in LA. lineup is looking great. also on that page is info on the badgerlore appearance during the wire festival in chicago on sept. 21.

-christina will be playing some shows as part of the imaginational anthem tour on the east coast. details can be found at www.tompkinssquare.com/tour.html

. now the releases...

ZAIKA: IL CORRAL (heavy other CDR)- second release on the heavy other imprint. this is a complete set from los angeles in 2005, and is possibly the most blown out and massive zaika recording to see the light of day so far. a long way from the delicacy of the eclipse LP, more like a barbed wire q-tip. edition of 205, paper sleeves in plastic w/ stamped silver CDs. $11.00 POSTPAID IN US

MUDSUCKERS: S/T (important CD)- first release by this collaborative project of tom carter, robert horton, and yellow swans (gabriel mindel/ pete swanson). the most roaring and dense horton assemblage to date, with walls of sound verging on gravitational collapse. "feedback is layered like mud on the carcass of song structure... think creedence clearwater revival without the one chord they knew."- robert horton, from the important catalog description. $12.00 POSTPAID IN US

08.01.06 Wholly Other update

back from the uk, where we spent most of our time sweating it out on national express. a swell time was had by all so thanks to everyone in ireland, england, scotland... see you next year we hope! (maybe not during mid-summer though). a lot going on so i'm sticking to what's happening in august. gigs first.... lots of action this month, with special nods to ghosting, pumice, and GHQ, all of whom are hitting the bay this month! all three are amazing....

tom carter/ kyle bruckmann/ dave dove trio northern cali/ cascadia tour dates:
(i'm tacking bio info at the end of this update for the curious. here let's just say us three go WAY back, 90s houston tx to be exact).

08.03.06 with starving weirdos, grand junction grand therapy, privacy, and valet, at the placebo, e2-47b west 3rd st., eureka CA
08.04.06 with sam mickens and tba at gallery 1412, 1412 18th ave, seattle, WA
08.05.06 at council of mysterious things festival with yellow swans, family underground, shoplifting, and problems, at disjecta gallery, east burnside (just off the bridge), portland OR
08.06.06 at the 6th annual transbay skronkathon and barbeque (10:30), other acts tba, 21 grand, 416 25th st, oakland CA
08.08.06 on radiodrome with DJ schmeejay, 10:30 AM, KUSF 90.3 FM, san francisco
08.09.06 with family underground and quintana roo at the bomb shelter, behind 720 anderson, davis, CA

badgerlore featuring stefan neville (pumice)

08.12.06 with w-s burn, brian glaze, 60 watt kid, no doctors, at hotel utah saloon, 4th and bryant, san francisco (rob mentioned something about this being one long opening set featuring most/ all of the openers onstage in varying combinations, so get there early to catch whatever's going to happen- no doctors is playing last)


08.23.06 with ghq and skaters at li po, 916 grant, san francisco

tom carter+ inca ore (duo collab)

08.27.06 with ghosting, bonus, axolotl at the hemlock tavern, polk at post, san francisco (ghosting headline, i think eva and i are playing first)

tom carter solo

08.31.06 with ghq, axolotl+ skaters at the hotel utah saloon, 4th and bryant, san francisco

coming this fall: christina carter/ shawn mcmillen on the imaginational anthem tour (both coasts!), charalambides at arthur nights in LA, charalambides east coast/ midwest tour, badgerlore at wire festival (chicago), zaika west coast dates, much more!

as for releases, we have:
(please note that the first three will be ready to ship on aug. 7. feel free to order now)...
(as always, please email for shipping arrangements if you live overseas and/or want to make special postal arrangements. paypal ID is artercayATgmail.com)

charalambides- glowing raw cdr (11.00 postpaid in US)
first in a somewhat hazily conceived series of disks documenting the charalambides' 'woodshed' years of 95-98, when we were busily (sometimes frantically) trying to come up with a 'rock' trio record (our idea) for siltbreeze. we failed. instead, here's a handful of recordings that follow many of the vectors between market square and houston- from blatant backward psych fuzziness to spare gtr/ vox exhalations, from modal drone to 4 trk song-isms, and a lot of sheer what-the-hell gropings into the void. one track features jason bill and a disembowelled piano. edition of 250, signed and numbered handmade christina covers.

charalambides- emerald message cdr (11.00 postpaid in US)
see above. this particular disk is culled from the sessions of the two days preceding recording of internal eternal at the dog end of 1995. improvised detuned stumbling blues with crackling shortwave. much more raw and head-on than internal eternal, more like a scrambleheaded version of charalambides' most aggro live mode. despite the folk/blues modalities, this is one of our wiggiest. edition of 250, signed and numbered handmade christina covers.

tom carter- sun swallower cdr (11.00 postpaid in US) slithering guitar recordings via the same handheld cassette player that documented charalambides' live hand held cdr (and in fact recorded on the same tour). this is a complete set recorded at the ecstatic yod mill outlet, in which i use a couple of slides and flattened pennies to coerce a japanese les paul copy into spewing forth some of its mysteries, sun sinking in the bay window for the whole ride. edition of 250 with handmade linoleum block print covers.

i also have a couple copies left of tom carter- bridge music cdr. if you put one on hold please let me know if you still want it, otherwise it goes to the next buyer....

just on the horizon are a tom carter solo 7" on portland's anthem records and the debut eponymous cd on important of the mudsuckers (tom carter, robert horton, pete swanson & gabe mindel aka d yellow swans), and zaika-LA cdr (all three should be available in the next couple of weeks).

as promised above:
kyle bruckmann (from kylebruckmann.com):
With a history of conservatory training gone awry, oboist and electronic musician Kyle Bruckmann combines the rigorous discipline of a classical foundation with raucous sensibilities more indebted to punk's aftermath in a dizzying variety of artistic endeavors. He has performed throughout the U.S. and Europe as a composer, an interpreter, and an improviser and has appeared on more than 30 albums of various genres. Long-term affiliations include EKG, an electroacoustic duo with Ernst Karel, and the experimental "rock" monstrosity Lozenge. Bruckmann's quintet Wrack performs original compositions drawing equally from the traditions of contemporary jazz and classical modernism, cultivating an "ability to combine turned-up flame with clear-headed attention to texture and space" (Jason Bivins, Dusted Magazine). As a member of the Bay Area new music collective sfSound and of Gene Coleman's Chicago-based Ensemble Noamnesia, he has performed works by composers including Berio, Braxton, Cage, Cardew, Crumb, Goldstein, Ives, Penderecki, Sciarrino, Stockhausen, Webern, Xenakis, and Yoshihide. Upon moving to San Francisco in 2003, he joined forces with sfSound and with Quinteto Latino, a wind quintet selected for the San Francisco Symphony's 2005-2006 Adventures in Music educational program. He has since performed with the SFSO and the regional symphony orchestras of Berkeley, Santa Rosa, Marin, Napa Valley, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Jose and accompanied productions by Golden Gate Opera, Pocket Opera, and Oakland Opera Theater. He has meanwhile become firmly enmeshed in the vibrant local improvised music community, with frequent co-conspirators including Liz Albee, David Bithell, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Matt Ingalls, John Ingle, Christopher Jones, Aurora Josephson, Jacob Lindsay, David Michalak, Tom Nunn, Tim Perkis, Dan Plonsey, John Shiurba, Karen Stackpole, Jon Raskin, Gino Robair, Scott Rosenberg, and Toyoji Tomita. Current Bay Area working groups include Shudder (with Lance Grabmiller and Phillip Greenlief) and Pink Mountain (an outrock band with an album available on Frenetic Records). From 1996 until his westward relocation, he was a fixture in multiple sectors of Chicago's thriving experimental music scene. While teaching and free-lancing as an orchestral musician, he collaborated regularly with many of the city's most creative improvisers and sound artists, including Jason Ajemian, Jim Baker, Jeb Bishop, Olivia Block, Tim Daisy, Guillermo Gregorio, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Robbie Hunsinger, Bob Marsh, Weasel Walter, and Michael Zerang. Beyond Lozenge, his underground rock misadventures also led to a short stint in the volatile My Name is Rar-Rar (touring in support of The Locust) and to entanglements with neo-no-wave stalwarts Cheer-Accident and Bobby Conn. In the course of his travels, Bruckmann has shared the stage repeatedly with a cast of improvisers including Christopher Cogburn, David Dove, Jeremy Drake, Harris Eisenstadt, Bryan Eubanks, Chris Forsyth, Jeff Gburek, Gunda Gottschalk, Boris Hauf, Chris Heenan, Guiseppe Ielasi, James Ilgenfritz, Greg Kelley, Larry Marotta, Tatsuya Nakatani, Kurt Newman, Polwechsel, Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlings, David Rothbaum, Steve Rush, Sara Schoenbeck, and Jack Wright. His debut CD of solo improvisations, entymology, available through Barely Auditable Records, was hailed as "an enchanting experience that expands the possibilities (and the comprehension) of the double reed family" (Francoise Couture, All-Music Guide). He has also recorded for Hat Art, New World, Musica Genera, 482 Music, Sedimental, Lucky Kitchen, Formed, Nine Winds, Rossbin, ToYo, Sickroom, Farrago, and Locust Music.
Bruckmann was born in 1971 in Danbury, CT, hometown of Charles Ives. He earned undergraduate degrees in music and psychology at Rice University in Houston, studying oboe with Robert Atherholt, serving as music director of campus radio station KTRU, and achieving academic distinction as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He completed his Masters degree in 1996 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he studied oboe performance with Harry Sargous and contemporary improvisation with Ed Sarath. He has attended the Bowdoin Summer Music Festival in Maine, the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York, and the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara.

dave dove:
Dave Dove is a trombone improvisor from Houston. Since 1997 he has been a teacher at the MECA arts community center where he has been working on a new approach to creative arts education for young people. As past director of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston (http://www.pofinc.org/houston), he has been able to further develop this work and bring some of the world's great contemporary musicians into contact with Houston's inner-city youth. He has most recently directed the Deep Listening Institute of Houston. Dove has played with many regional, national, and international musicians, such as: Susan Alcorn, Joe McPhee, Alvin Fielder, Pauline Oliveros, John Butcher, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Kowald, Nick Hennies, Kurt Newman, Joelle Leandre, Maria Chavez, Jason Jackson, Juan Garcia, Matt Ingalls, Paul Guilford, Mike Bullock, Heather Murray, Vick Rawlings, Jack Wright, Tatsuya Nakatani and Michael Greiner.


Finally updating the website! in the coming months it will be completely overhauled with all the obselete stuff removed, ordering info streamlined, etc. Stay tuned.
Also, please note that Strands Formerly Braided is finally available (ordering info on the catalog page). Also, the tour page has been updated with UK dates (and more)!

On one final note, I'm sad to report that I've had to raise postage rates slightly due to the recent price (ahem) 'restructuring' at the post office, and due to costs for mailing supplies. This shouldn't inconvenience anyone too much I hope.

Wholly Other Update April 2006

another late update, and while that's not necessarily news, this time i have a really good excuse. my main computer crashed, and i've been forced to move my address book (by hand!) to my web-based email address. in doing so, some of you probably are on there twice, and there are also some of you who have no desire to be on this list at all. if this is the case please email me and i will delete some/all of your addresses. sorry for the hassle...

the big news this time is definitely TERRASTOCK 6. charalambides will perform as a duo on sunday april 23rd in providence rhode island for this fantastic festival. there are too many acts to go into detail here, but please check out www.secreteye.org/terrastock/ for more info. in addition, we will be playing the following gigs:

april 20th @ the unitarian meeting house (opening for damon and naomi), amherst, ma
april 28th @ strange maine, portland me

feel free to write for more info on these.

in other performance news, we are booking a UK tour for this july. we'll keep you updated as things happen.

lots of new releases this time around. to order, please write for availability and either mail a check/ MO/ IMO (made out to tom carter) to the address at the bottom of this update, or paypal me at rootkingcarter@yahoo.com. email me first for postage if you are ordering multiple titles and/or live outside of the USA.

coming soon: charalambides 'a vintage burden' on kranky, may 22; more tom carter/ robert horton stuff; CD by mudsuckers (tom & robert + d yellow swans), tom carter/ vanessa arn LP, much more!

NEW RELEASES CHARALAMBIDES 'DEAD/LIVE' CDR: the long awaited 2nd volume of the west coast live collection is finally out, in a numbered edition of 250 with handmade white on white sleeves. considerably more fried sounding than the last volume, featuring the duo of tom & christina in full attack mode. 11.00 POSTPAID IN USA

CHRISTINA CARTER 'LACE HEART' CDR: latest self-release from christina with fantastic red & white on black hand painted covers. overdubbed crystalline grenades launched in the name of soul & love. part of christina's recent songwriting explosion. only a very few of these left. 11.00 POSTPAID IN USA

TOM CARTER 'GLYPH' CD: actual manufactured CD reissue of this cdr from 2004, re-released by digitalis and remastered (with extra heat) by me. silkscreened cardboard digipaks with spraypaint embellishments, edition of 500 with this cover. these are advance copies, actual release date is next week... clear snapshot of acoustic and slide playing from pre-departure austin tx. an attempt to rescue the solo acoustic from the gtr raga, mainly by mashing my hands thru the strings like an egg slicer. lap steel stuff is long heavy drift. 11.00 POSTPAID IN USA

SPIDERWEBS 'AWAY AWAY' CDR: released by jyrk w/ a budget price. screened white cardboard sleeves, edition of 100. guitar duos (gentle to blown out) by tom & sandy ewen, aka the weird weeds' secret weapon. sandy's bag is oliveros, rowe, and beefheart, and on this one i'm in it too. 6.00 POSTPAID IN USA

KYRGYZ S/T CD: release on digitalis, it's actually been out a while but this is the first time i'm listing it (i think). gtr vs. kitchen sink collabs between me, robert horton, loren chasse (thuja, of, id battery, blithe sons, coelecanth, etc), and christine boepple (skygreen leopards skyband, franciscan hobbies, etc). chopped & tricked out by robert into a fuzz heavy psychedelic beast (somehow). 11.00 POSTPAID IN USA


Wholly Other update 10.07.05

Hello all-

As promised, here are the latest available releases (quotes are from artist or label descriptions, unless otherwise noted):

(Please note, I will be in Europe from 10.26-11.12, so any orders not received by 10.26 will not be mailed until 11.12).

Charalambides- Live/ Dead CDR (10$ postpaid in US): Part one of a two volume set of live recordings from Charalambides' west coast 2004 duo tour. Volume one is a whole set broadcast over KFJC and sidesteps the gnashing and wailing of '04s club performances (to be documented on volume two) in favor of loping pentatonic swagger and drifting steel fog. The vox are particularly nice on this too, rebounding between Parton-esque quaver and smoky gravel. Features radically different versions of Here Not Here, Someday You'll Get Yours, Voice For You, and Namaste. Nice recording job by the KFJC folks as usual. On Wholly Other.

Tom Carter/ Robert Horton- Lunar Eclipse CD (12$ postpaid in US): "... culled from over 30 hours of recordings taking place, inedvertantly, on the equinox, lunar eclipse and winter solstice of 2004 .The duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Robert Horton (see below) sound as if they are channeling the natural power of these significant calender days into the music. They both noticed something special was happening during the initial recording session when they looked at a clock and realised that they'd been playing for over 5 hours. Thoughout the album Carter slowly plays louder and more powerfully than usual over drone-master Robert Horton's organic & electronic chimes, drones, jangles, dangles and splendor. The result is a vast, expansive sound cavern full of hidden melody, slow drones, textured tribal gong and hidden mystic rhythm.From the very start, when Horton drones in and Tom Carter strikes a single sustained echoing electrified note Lunar Eclipse sounds like the music is infused with that shock and weird light of an eclipse. Track one, Lunar Eclipse, is a slow drone metal meets Neil Young psychedelic freakout with vocals that sound as is they're recorded inside of a deep cave. On other tracks Horton's homemade instruments such as the electric barometer, boot, and sex machine fuse with Carter's twisted lap steel ebow shimmerings, prepared guitar. At other moments Tom's guitar or lapsteel solo over the top of the swirling noise chasm. On the last track Robert and Tom both play Horton's homemades welding a Harry Partch web of rhythm together untill it implodes in metal drone fragments of screeching fury. Lunar Eclipse demands to be listened to in it's entirety as one whole experience. It's has an undenialble power that will return again and again much like the natural events that subconsciously inspired the recordings." Released by Important Records.

(Robert Horton bio: Founded the Appliances, part of SF's first wave of punk bands in 1979. Played at the inaugural mayoral ball for Jello Biafra. ISM also in 79 was one of the first SF noise bands playing a series of house shows. Robert formed Plateau Ensemble in 1983, a tribal noise drone group who played in the Bay Area until 1987 drawing members from the Jon Hassell Group, ROVA, KU KU KU, Glorious Din, Eternal Glands of Secretion, Gamelan Seka Jaya, etc. Through out the 80's and 90's Robert participated in the cassette revolution releasing tapes in Japan, Italy, Belgium, Britain, and the USA. During the mid 90s to 2004 Robert's time was mostly in doing Anti- Racism Educational groups called the UNtraining. He continued to record but hoarded it all for himself. Lately the dam has broken with releases on Foxglove, JYRK, 267-lattajjaa, Celebrate Psi Phenomena, New American Folk Hero, Barl Fire, Spanish Magic and Outa. Robert records under his own name, Egghatcher, and Future Ears. He is currently a member of Kyrgyz, Beautiful Friend, Infinite Article, Broken Mask, and the duo with Tom Carter.)

Badgerlore- Stories for Owls CD (13$ postpaid in US) and LP (14$ media mail in US, 16$ parcel post): "The second full-length release from psychedelic bread bakers and bird whisperers Badgerlore-- represented on this release by beard-core ambassadors Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance, Comets On Fire), Tom Carter (Charalambides), Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans), and Rob Fisk (7 Year Rabbit Cycle, ex-Deerhoof)-- Stories For Owls features six beautifully lush, organic pieces that rise and fall with the group's broke-down, burned-up improv and the interplay of piano, vocals, and dual guitars. The music is organized around the conceptual theme of birds constructing nests, and each track explores this idea differently. Stories For Owls also showcases the talents of two newcomers; Tom Carter, whose playing seems beamed in from some entirely off-kilter universe; and Pete Swanson, who by grabbing and processing live sound, both in real time and through tape-delay, gives the already rickety skeletons of these songs an even greater fragility and tenderness. Beautiful and devastating. Limited Edition." CD is released by Free Porcupine Society, LP by Yik Yak.

Charalambides- Our Bed is Green 2LP (26$ media mail in US, 29$ parcel post): Super-deluxe reissue of the very earliest Charalambides recordings. This record duplicates most of the material on the original cassette, and includes 20 or so minutes more than previous CD reissues. Includes autobiographical liner notes and letter-pressed cover art that took me a really, really long time to draw (take that as you will). On Time-Lag Records, makers of the most beautiful records known to womankind.

...and on the the show:

10.12.05 English/ Skaters/ Tom Carter/ Matt Davignon at the Hotel Utah, 4th & Bryant, San Francisco CA
a night of electronic improvisations of all stripes.
English: "Duo: me (Joe Foster, Seoul, ex-Portland) and Bonnie Jones (Bonnie Jones, Seoul, ex/future-Baltimore). Bonnie plays an open-circuit instrument in a black box that looks like a bomb and is hard to get through customs, usually. I play trumpet, a mixer, and microphones. Our music has been going from quiet to very loud, sometimes tense & restrained, sometimes power electronics/harsh noise, so it's hard to make any promises about what will happen...")
Skaters: "...when they played in the magical Californian night, our jaws dropped as they tuned into, and rode, and drew magical designs upon, a beautiful raw wave of tuning, honing on the one sound (containing all kinds of billowing motion)... They were totally possessed by the sound and focused upon it and dwelling happily under it like a waterfall." (Matthew Bower)
Matt Davignon: "Relaxing open, organic sounding crackling with blue-white and maybe green undertones. Love the wet and warm sound. Very successful at making technology sound like nature or you are underwater getting eaten by coral or listening to chirps of electronic bats." (KFJC review)
Tom Carter (ahem): Born in Salisbury MD of deep Virginia stock. Transplanted to Texas via Ohio. Joined first non-garage bands in Houston in 1987 or thereabouts. His stubborn insistence on playing guitar (whether he could or not) led him to finally end up with Texas psych stumblers The Mike Gunn in 1989, who released 4 LPs and various EPs, comps, and split releases over their 5 year existence. Tom met future creative (and 10 year conjugal) partner Christina Carter in 1989 as well, which led to Charalambides, originally conceived as a home recording project with no expectations, but which gradually evolved into Tom's main creative project. Charalambides has now flourished for 14 years, 4 lineups (one a trio with famed Scottish music biz entrepreneur and pedal steel titan Heather Leigh Murray), 11 albums, and a dozen or so CDRs, comps, EPs, etc. Tom and Christina are currently finishing their second album for Chicago's kranky records.

and lastly, the tour dates:


10.29.05 Pauze Festival, with Animal Collective and Ignatz, at KC Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium
11.4.05 at de Onderbroek, Nijmegen, Netherlands
11.5.05 with PG Six and Samara Lubelski, at kunstencentrum BELGIE, Hasselt, Belgium
11.6.05 with PG Six and Samara Lubelski, venue TBA, The Hague, Netherlands
11.8.05 with PG Six and Samara Lubelski, at La Malterie, 42 rue Kuhlmann, Lille, France
11.09.05 with Howling Ghost Proletariat, venue TBA, Besancon, France
11.10.05 with PG Six, Samara Lubelski, and TBA, at Point Ephemer, 200 quai de Valmy, Paris, France

Tom and Christina have also recorded the basic tracks for a new release on kranky, which will be out as soon as Tom finishes recording his guitar solos. These tracks were recorded in Oakland CA and will reveal a heavy influence of crab sandwiches, Korean sushi, and Neil Young bootlegs.

Ecstatic Peace has a nice video of a recent Christina performance, not to menton a video interview (and Ywh knows what else by now).

A T.C. solo CDR, Bridge Music, will be released this summer on Belgium's audiobot label.

The Spiderwebs Triptych CD, Strands Formerly Braided (also featuring Keenan Lawler and Michael Tamburo), is on the way from the pressing plant at last. Actually, scratch that- it just turned around and headed straight back. Still not sure when it's coming out. Spiderwebs is a duo of Tom Carter and Sandy Ewen, who have also recorded a new chunk of music during Tom's last Texas visit in January. Plans for releasing them (and the older stuff for that matter) have yet to materialize. Sandy is a Texas guitarist who is currently a member of Weird Weeds and a student of fun, buildings, and sailing.

Robert "Rocket" Horton is an El Cerrito sound artist, instrument builder, poet, and sound collector who has been active in various soundbending outfits since the punk era (among them the Appliances (SF, not Chicago), who released one record after he left the group). Please check out his new CDR on Foxy Digitalis. Tom & Robert have been recording an as yet unnamed duo project for the past several months now. Their CD, Lunar Eclipse, will be out soon on an as yet unnamed label. Recordings made by Tom, Robert, Loren Chasse (Blithe Sons), and Christine Boepple (Skygreen Leopards Skyband) have also passed into existence and are currently being processed, mixed, and layered with an S.Dryden drum solo from a '69 Airplane boot (you think I'm kidding).

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