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christina at parlor, '03

Christina Carter

Tom Carter

tom, madrid '08


zaika, philly '07 Zaika is the duo of Tom Carter and Marcia Bassett. They have been recording and performing live together since 2003, pouring out long-form doses of aggro psych drone and mellow cosmic drift. Recorded documents include various CDRs on Heavy Other (a joint concern of Heavy Blossom and Wholly Other), an LP on Eclipse Records, and a forthcoming CD releases on Archive.

Marcia Bassett's work (under the usual moniker of Zaimph) freely moves within walls of sonic distortion, layers of heavy drone and blurred riffs that loop into warm blurs before crumbling away into decay. She has worked on a number of collaborations with Tom Carter, Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), Carlos Giffoni, Dominick Fernow (Prurient), and is a member of GHQ, Hototogisu and Double Leopards.

Friday Group

Tom Carter
Matt Martinez
Shawn David McMillen
Brian Smith

photos (top to bottom): unknown, tom carter, luis diaz, scott slimm, tom carter
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